Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hubba hubba.

I’ve been away for a long time, I know. In my absence, I have been busy setting up a private equity fund, and that certainly took up a bit of my time.

I guess there’s the inevitable trade-off: either you spend more time on work, or you give in to your indulgences.

And I have to admit: while I had been busy running around getting things up to speed, certainly the last thing on my mind was finding someone to fuck—and other than the regular girlfriend, I didn’t really go out there to meet new people.

Although I have to say I wish I had. I went to the pub yesterday and tried to do a little pick-up just to see if I could get lucky, and I realised I’m a little rusty. Not that I was turned down, no, but certainly beyond the casual chat over drinks, I just didn’t feel like setting out to get the woman in bed.

I wonder if she was thinking there’s something wrong with this guy: he came, set himself up, and then just when she thought there’d be an invitation over to my place, I backed off, gave her a name card and just said, “let’s catch up some other day.”

Anti-climatic, I guess, but then again, she wasn’t exactly someone I’d put in my “To Do” list (literally, that is).

Well I’m back in the hunt, and we’ll see what comes up then.

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