Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back after a hiatus...again

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been out-stationed for a couple of weeks, and now back in Singapore, I finally decided from now on I'll just send my associates out for the minor business trips while I stay on in Singapore...for work and pleasure. *wink*
I've also decided I want this blog to be a lot more graphic from now on, and that means more photos and all, thanks to a little email I had from Lambi months ago (now that's a woman I would give anything for a fuck).
A little thought did cross my mind: I should do a raunchy posts with the ladies in Singapore who come across this blog and don't mind doing a little exhibitionism here and there, and I can post the photos here. This, especially since I'm looking for new fuck buddies and "fresh pussies" these days too heh heh.
So, any interested takers?