Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back after a hiatus...again

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been out-stationed for a couple of weeks, and now back in Singapore, I finally decided from now on I'll just send my associates out for the minor business trips while I stay on in Singapore...for work and pleasure. *wink*
I've also decided I want this blog to be a lot more graphic from now on, and that means more photos and all, thanks to a little email I had from Lambi months ago (now that's a woman I would give anything for a fuck).
A little thought did cross my mind: I should do a raunchy posts with the ladies in Singapore who come across this blog and don't mind doing a little exhibitionism here and there, and I can post the photos here. This, especially since I'm looking for new fuck buddies and "fresh pussies" these days too heh heh.
So, any interested takers?

Monday, September 28, 2009


I should just start up a business to give massages like so:


Ladies, I do have strong fingers you know... :D

Shared dildos and vibrators

Interesting to note that a former fuck-buddy has turned lesbian following the crash of her marriage.

I first met her at a pub 2 years ago, and she already had quite a reputation amongst the regular folks at the pub that she was actively seeking men seeing her marriage was an arrangement of convenience. We hooked up, had sex a couple of times, and after that I somehow lost the interest in her (I’m sorry to admit that), and we didn’t contact each other for a while after that.
Recently, she texted me on MSN and we chatted, and she had a picture of her girlfriend, both looking very butch with short hair and all, and that was when she said she wasn’t into guys anymore and was into lesbian relationships.

I have to admit, it’s a pretty hard thought, especially when I started recalling the times we’ve spent in the bedroom, and it’s quite a shame for the guys, I would say. Still, I think we’ve rekindled our friendship, and honestly, I wasn’t hopeful of getting her in bed again. She’s a nice girl at the end of the day in terms of personality, bubbly and loves to joke, and it was nice talking to her again after all this while.

The one thing I can’t figure is how she could remain married to her husband just to keep up with appearances and continue her relationship with her permanent girlfriend. Sure, they have a kid, and probably the kid’s the only reason why they’re still together—but wouldn’t it be awkward for the guy to know he’s being cuckolded—not by another man, but another woman?
Not that I am interested to know, really, because that’s his problem, not mine. I just find it amusing how the whole thing is turning out for her and the husband. Then again, given her circumstances, a woman would be a better companion—especially one who’s in the same situation as she is.

...although I must say if both of them had kept their hair long, it would be interesting to watch the two women in action. :P

Friday, September 25, 2009

Poor Miss World Singapore...

Now I don't care what's said in the press about her bad English and all, let's just say I wouldn't mind doing her once. Maybe she may sound a lot better with a dick in her mouth, you know.

...but it will only be one fuck, and after that, it's "thank you, boomz your way out"

The economics of sex.

Now I don’t want anyone thinking otherwise about me, but while I don’t intend to put anyone down, I hate to think that even in this day and age, and after 100 years of “progress”, the stage is still pretty much a case of “no money, no honey”.

I mean, let’s face it: the guy with the bigger wallet, flashier car and the works will land himself a gorgeous woman who would drop her clothes on “go” far easier than the other guys in the room. And while I won’t go so far as to say all women are equally materialistic, fact remains that most women (at least the ones in Singapore anyway) expect to land themselves a man that’s either well-to-do for security (if they’re looking for a partner), or allows them to reap some form of benefit (if it’s just going to be a casual fuck).

Ok, I realised I’ve just made sweeping statements. But how many times have I come across women who expect me to buy expensive gifts and treat them to fancy restaurants while remaining very much the cock-teaser? Or maybe it’s just the kind of women I’ve been hooking up with happen to be the materialistic sort—still, prove me wrong, somebody, that a low-level employee at the office is capable of landing women in bed instead of envying the manager or senior partner of the firm who gets to fuck sexy secretaries that change faces every other month.

And with the recession and folks getting retrenched and such, I don’t find it surprising that some of my friends have had problems keeping their little mistresses and girlfriends on the side. It’s called “friendship with benefits”—and the benefits extend (more often than not) beyond just an orgasmic experience to keep the woman interested in the friendship. Over drinks the other night, a business associate confided that he noticed how he seemed to have “lost” his sex appeal after he downgraded from his Lotus Elise to a Toyota (maybe it’s just his imagination), while another associate whom I do a lot of business deals with said with threats of job losses looming, he seemed to pick up quite a hit list given the number of women at his workplace who willingly drop their skirts for him during those after-office hours to keep their jobs.

Again, I realise it could all just be talk—you know how it’s like when a bunch of guys get together and talk.

In any case, all that doesn’t matter to me, really. What matters is I remain at the top of my game, and while I’ve been busy with work getting things together, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m out of touch or down on my luck when it comes to women.

And yes, I decided to get myself a date with one of my regular FBs tonight. ;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hubba hubba.

I’ve been away for a long time, I know. In my absence, I have been busy setting up a private equity fund, and that certainly took up a bit of my time.

I guess there’s the inevitable trade-off: either you spend more time on work, or you give in to your indulgences.

And I have to admit: while I had been busy running around getting things up to speed, certainly the last thing on my mind was finding someone to fuck—and other than the regular girlfriend, I didn’t really go out there to meet new people.

Although I have to say I wish I had. I went to the pub yesterday and tried to do a little pick-up just to see if I could get lucky, and I realised I’m a little rusty. Not that I was turned down, no, but certainly beyond the casual chat over drinks, I just didn’t feel like setting out to get the woman in bed.

I wonder if she was thinking there’s something wrong with this guy: he came, set himself up, and then just when she thought there’d be an invitation over to my place, I backed off, gave her a name card and just said, “let’s catch up some other day.”

Anti-climatic, I guess, but then again, she wasn’t exactly someone I’d put in my “To Do” list (literally, that is).

Well I’m back in the hunt, and we’ll see what comes up then.