Thursday, June 25, 2009

Afternoon thoughts

I am thinking of shooting my own amateur porn movie, and I wanna do an FFM one. Haven't got a location in mind, but if anything, I would love to do one with 2 random strangers, all 3 of us not knowing each other before, and just get it on.

Any ladies in Singapore interested? :D

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Should I...

...get another car? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the current Alfa, but I'm thinking of something along the lines of a Mercedes SLK. It's a lot sleeker, bound to be a head-turner, only making out with whichever babe I drive around with in it would be a lot trickier.

And speaking of babes, I was at the Fitness First gym at One George Street this morning before work, and spotted a really dishy MILF-y looking babe. From the looks of it, I put her age to be around late thirties, and while I'm not sure if she's married or not, she looks a lot like those hot MILF type that I find so damned irresistable.

She must have noticed the way I kept looking at her, and I'll be damned, that's twice in a row that I had my workouts disrupted by women I can't get my eyes off of. Everything from her long brown-highlighted hair, her luscious lips, her taunt toned body under her gym clothes, tight ass beneath her shorts and pretty face with large dark eyes made me wish I could somehow, by the power of my thoughts, make everyone else at the gym disappear into thin air while I try to get to know her.

My regular trainer came by to say hello to me, and when he spotted me looking at the MILF, he chuckled and said "dude, you can never focus fully on training can you?". He doesn't know her name, but he said if I wanted to see more of her at the gym, make it a point to come down between 8am and 9.30am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays cause that's her regular workout timings. And no, he doesn't think she works around the area because she never seems to change into office wear after her workouts. And he did say on Wednesdays I would get a treat because she would always take a swim before her studio classes.

I can almost picture the get-to-know-you bit already: head down to the pool tomorrow morning, do a couple of laps, spot the MILF, say hello and go "I notice you come by here often"... cheesy and old fashioned, yes, but it still works. And after that ask if she would like to have coffee together.

Seems like a plan already.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I really should be busy training at the moment. I mean, it's my day off, and with a fight coming up in September, I should be training for it.

But it's hard to do so when there's this cute sweet young babe in tight shorts walking around the gym with her boobs threatening to burst out of her tank top. I've seen her around here some times, and she does train in kickboxing as well, and I can tell you she caused a stirring in my loins once or twice when we met at the water cooler-- the sight of her long tanned legs, the perky tits that showed through her sports bras and tank tops, the way she'd do up her hair so you get a view of her long slender neck... I could just wrestle her to the ground and kiss that neck while grabbing on to one of her boobs. Or better yet, finger her as I hold her in a submissive lock.

Meanwhile, here I am, watching her as I type on my laptop. And I can't help taking vid clips of her walking around with the cam attached to the computer-- originally intended to capture my moves during shadow boxing to see what needs to be worked on. She's definitely a big distraction, and it's a good thing Arvind, my trainer, was done with working on my punching on the mitts, I may not be able to concentrate the way I keep ogling her.

And what would she think if she knew here I was typing away and talking about how much I'd love to suckle on her perky tits or finger her post-workout pussy? It doesn't help that she's a friendly girl who smiles at everyone, and I'm not the only guy looking at her (I suspect the trainers are vying to train her too).

Who says martial arts training is boring? :)

All right you people...

First up, I would like to say for the record that it wasn't funny that a journalist from a rather pesky thrashy lunchtime tabloid picked up on the last blog and started doing "research" on me. And although I would say I give it to the guy for being able to find out so much, it certainly wasn't a good idea to have all those women in my life get compromised-- especially when you consider I was fucking around with married women.

So that was that, and if you had been fervently following the last blog, my apologies to you.

On a separate note, Saturday night had been one heck of a party held by a friend to mark his moving in to a new apartment. The dude was lucky enough to have his unit on the same floor as the swimming pool, and we spent no wasted time incorporating a pool session into the party, with bikini-clad babes and a couple of girls sporting enough to go into the water with their t-shirt and doubt that sent the security guards up shortly after, and we had to give wet t-shirt contests a miss while the rest of us in "proper swim wear" frolicked in the pool.

I managed to hook up with Henny, a rather pretty and dishy-looking Indonesian Chinese girl working as a realtor, and she sure was a party girl through and through. And since I had her card, I thought I'd give her a call this morning for breakfast before we both went to work.

We met up at a Starbucks outlet by East Coast Park, had a nice breakfast, sharing jokes and stories at work, and then since we still had a bit of time went to the beach and sat at one of the benches looking out to sea. But for the idle tankers parked out there, it would have made for a nice scenery.

And I found myself wrapping an arm around Henny and pulled her close to me. She looked at me, then we locked lips as I held her close, and already had one hand moving up to her chest to stroke and squeeze at her breasts, her cleavage showing through the top of her blouse.

"Now that's kinda fast", she laughed but nevertheless rested her head on my shoulder as I continued rubbing and squeezing her breasts. I reached a finger under her bra and started fiddling with her hard nipple, and I could feel her hand moving down to my crotch.

"Perhaps we should just take the day off and do 'fun' things together", I mused.

"Not today, I have a meeting, and besides", she whispered, her lips close to my ears, "I'm having my period today."

So that means nothing beyond the 'casual' petting by the beach.

We finally got back to the car, and I drove her to work, my cock still hard thinking how nice it would be to have a chance with her in a bedroom.

That was that for today, at least. No doubt there is a follow-up date in a weeks' time, and by then, I guess she should be ready for whatever goes.