Monday, June 22, 2009


I really should be busy training at the moment. I mean, it's my day off, and with a fight coming up in September, I should be training for it.

But it's hard to do so when there's this cute sweet young babe in tight shorts walking around the gym with her boobs threatening to burst out of her tank top. I've seen her around here some times, and she does train in kickboxing as well, and I can tell you she caused a stirring in my loins once or twice when we met at the water cooler-- the sight of her long tanned legs, the perky tits that showed through her sports bras and tank tops, the way she'd do up her hair so you get a view of her long slender neck... I could just wrestle her to the ground and kiss that neck while grabbing on to one of her boobs. Or better yet, finger her as I hold her in a submissive lock.

Meanwhile, here I am, watching her as I type on my laptop. And I can't help taking vid clips of her walking around with the cam attached to the computer-- originally intended to capture my moves during shadow boxing to see what needs to be worked on. She's definitely a big distraction, and it's a good thing Arvind, my trainer, was done with working on my punching on the mitts, I may not be able to concentrate the way I keep ogling her.

And what would she think if she knew here I was typing away and talking about how much I'd love to suckle on her perky tits or finger her post-workout pussy? It doesn't help that she's a friendly girl who smiles at everyone, and I'm not the only guy looking at her (I suspect the trainers are vying to train her too).

Who says martial arts training is boring? :)

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