Monday, September 28, 2009

Shared dildos and vibrators

Interesting to note that a former fuck-buddy has turned lesbian following the crash of her marriage.

I first met her at a pub 2 years ago, and she already had quite a reputation amongst the regular folks at the pub that she was actively seeking men seeing her marriage was an arrangement of convenience. We hooked up, had sex a couple of times, and after that I somehow lost the interest in her (I’m sorry to admit that), and we didn’t contact each other for a while after that.
Recently, she texted me on MSN and we chatted, and she had a picture of her girlfriend, both looking very butch with short hair and all, and that was when she said she wasn’t into guys anymore and was into lesbian relationships.

I have to admit, it’s a pretty hard thought, especially when I started recalling the times we’ve spent in the bedroom, and it’s quite a shame for the guys, I would say. Still, I think we’ve rekindled our friendship, and honestly, I wasn’t hopeful of getting her in bed again. She’s a nice girl at the end of the day in terms of personality, bubbly and loves to joke, and it was nice talking to her again after all this while.

The one thing I can’t figure is how she could remain married to her husband just to keep up with appearances and continue her relationship with her permanent girlfriend. Sure, they have a kid, and probably the kid’s the only reason why they’re still together—but wouldn’t it be awkward for the guy to know he’s being cuckolded—not by another man, but another woman?
Not that I am interested to know, really, because that’s his problem, not mine. I just find it amusing how the whole thing is turning out for her and the husband. Then again, given her circumstances, a woman would be a better companion—especially one who’s in the same situation as she is.

...although I must say if both of them had kept their hair long, it would be interesting to watch the two women in action. :P

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