Thursday, August 27, 2009

Teacher and student

"You've been a bad girl today, it seems…"

My tone was harsh as you entered the room. Despite my demeanor, deep inside my head I was consciously fighting an urge, willing myself not to get a hard on as my gaze laid upon you.

You were dressed in your schoolgirl outfit: white blouse and navy blue skirt, ankle socks and sneakers. Beneath your white blouse you were wearing a black bra, and as far as I could see, it had lace on it.

You look at me with your large dark eyes, giving me a look as if you were sorry for whatever it is you had done.

"Well, you do know why you're here on detention today, don't you", I asked, my voice lowered slightly from the tone I used prior. You knew you got me with that look you gave, and your mind races to figure out how you could twist your headmaster around your little finger so you could get away with things.

"Please sir, what did I do?", you asked, your voice shaky but nevertheless husky.

"I've been told by your teachers that you've been skipping classes and you were caught making out with boys at the stadium—in full view of the students having soccer practice in the field."

In reality, there was a tinge of jealousy in me as I pictured sweet little you in the hands of the adolescent useless bums, your body being caressed by their hands, their lips upon yours.

Still, I'm the headmaster, and everyone, guy or girl, in the school was at my mercy.

"In addition, you have also been wearing coloured bras underneath your blouse, and just the other day, your form teacher Mr Lee reported that you didn't wear a bra at all."

…and he took snapshots of you using his camera phone, under the pretext of gathering "evidence", and afterward, he forced you to give him a handjob when everyone left the classroom before he betrayed your little secret to me.

"And last but not least, a student councilor reported that you had been touching yourself during lectures, and here's the video evidence"

That prick had taken shots of you in the deed without your knowledge, and God only knows how many times he wanked himself off watching the video over and over again, before he reported the incident to me.

"Please sir, I won't do it again", you begged, your large eyes brimming with tears already. Yet inside, you're not sorry for what you did—if anything, you were secretly smiling in the knowledge that even the high and mighty headmaster was just probably finding excuses to make you stay back because of his lust. Why else would he have chosen for you to do detention in a deserted classroom on the top floor where nobody would go to anyway?

I fiddle with my pen as my eyes continued watching you. I wanted to get the interrogation over and done with so another form of interrogation could begin.

Your large eyes never left me, and still in that innocent schoolgirl gaze, your lips part slowly.

"Please sir, what can I do?" you start to whimper.

Then without warning, your hands reach down, and you hike up the skirt high, showing off your bare pussy—clean shaven, glistening.

I feel my cock growing hard.

One hand still holding the skirt, you use the other to start stroking at your beautiful pussy. You sigh softly, and still your eyes never leaving me. You smile, knowing you got the advantage now.

"What do you think you're doing, young lady", I demanded.

You never said a word as you place your wet fingers in your mouth, your little tongue flicking as you taste your own juices.

The you take the blouse off and unhook your bra, showing off your perky young nipples and breasts to me. I note two well developed breasts, more beautiful than those of even some of the grown-up women I've had.

You unzip your skirt to reveal your lovely naked young body to me. I can't help but place my hand on my crotch, rubbing slowly against my hard cock.

You walk over to me, naked, save for your white sneakers. Then you stop just in front of me, turn around to put your hands on the desk in front, push your supple sexy ass out.

"If I have been a bad girl, then spank me sir. Spank me hard", you whisper.

I stand up and walk towards you, my nostrils taking in the sweet scent of you.

I place my hands on your ass, touching it, admiring its loveliness. How could I bear to hurt a beautiful creature thus?

But it had to be done, and I slap my hands across your butt. You cry out, and I strike hard across your ass again, my fingers leaving faint streaks of red on your fair skin.

One, two, three... and then I stop, my hands squeezing and rubbing on your bare naked ass instead.

You hold your hair with one hand, and your head turns to look at me.

"What are you doing, sir?", you ask.

"What do you think I'm doing?", I reply, and I get on my knees, smelling your pussy and ass, and planting kisses on them. I lick and suck at your moist pussy lips, you sigh loudly.

"Please sir, fuck me with your tongue", you said through bated breath.

I obeyed, pushing my face into your lovely ass, loving the smell of you, the taste of you as my tongue probes in deep into your pussy, flickering, pushing. You moan, and you grind your ass in my face, probing me to do more.

"I can't take this any more, my little darling, and I must have you", I protested.

"Fuck me then", you replied.

I proceeded to take my shirt off, and then my pants. Your eyes look at me as I strip, your hands idly fingering yourself as you sit on the desk, watching me.

"You're so fit, sir", you licked your lips. "No wonder you teach PE. You know, I've been noticing you for a while, especially when you coach during rugby classes..."

"Really, so what do you do then?"

"Exactly what I'm doing now", you replied in your husky voice.

I push you back onto the desk, spread your legs wide, and then entered you. You cry out as I thrust my hard cock into you, your tight pussy clamped tight against my cock. Lucky for you, you're well lubricated with your pussy juices so you don't feel much discomfort from the invasion of my thick cockhead pushing into you.

I pushed in deep, and worked a nice rhythm on you, my hands squeezing and moulding your breasts. You cry out loud from the feel of it all, loving it as one hand continues to rub at your clit as I fuck you missionary style.

The door suddenly bursts open, and you look up in shock.

"Just thought I'd let you know, I invited Mr Lee in for this little interrogation session", I explained, still fucking you deep.

"Oh God", you moaned through your breath, but secretly you're excited from the thought of having 2 men at the same time.

Lee fumbles to get out of his clothes, and as soon as he could, he rushes over to the desk. You take his cock into your mouth, sucking and licking it and massaging his balls as I continued to thrust in and out of you in hard and fast motions, your muffled cries from the ecstasy of getting fucked yet having your mouth full with another dick. You feel hands all over your body, over your breasts, squeezing at your nipples, rubbing your clit, squeezing your ass, but you can't figure out whose hand goes where.

I withdraw from your pussy and shoot a warm load of cum onto your soft belly. At the same time, Lee comes quickly, the shock of his ejaculation gagging you, and you muffle a soft cry.

"You have to swallow it", Lee demands, and you obey, taking the time to swallow his warm load.

"My my, what a good girl you are", I laughed. "Perhaps it's Mr Lee's turn to enter your sweet tight pussy..."

We had you standing with your hand on the desk, Lee taking you from behind. I sit on the desk, my cock inches away from your face.

"You know what to do, don't you, baby", I asked.

You nodded, as Lee pushed in deep into you, wishing he could push his balls into you as well.

You take my cock in your hands, start to lick at the bulbous head, kissing it, while you massage my balls. You put the shaft of my cock into your mouth, and I push your face closer in, wanting you to swallow my cock and balls whole. You take mouthfuls of me, as Lee continues to work on you.

"I think our little girl loves having her holes probed", I winked at Lee. He nodded, then pushes a finger into your asshole as he fucks. You cry out loud from the intrusion, loving and hating your two tormentors.

I come in your mouth, and this time, you know what to do, letting the warm load linger in your mouth for a while, and then slowly swallow. Simultaneously, Lee shoots a load into you, and as he withdraws, some of the left over cum drips onto the floor, intermixed with your own juices.

"Well I think that's all for today, don't you think", I said, as Lee and I started putting our clothes back on. You lean over the desk, exhausted, satisfied.

"But I think it won't be long before our little darling here does something bad and needs to serve detention again", I teased as I gently tweak at a nipple.

You smile as you slowly put your clothes on, secretly knowing I'm right.

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